Hospitality IMPACT epitomizes excellence in hotel & resort, restaurant and catering  industry consulting.   By offering more then 30 years of   experience in the international hospitality industry, and being amplified by the best of today's technology and these are only two of our advantages.

Our consultants and facilitators have managed numerous hospitality and tourism-related projects across the globe, and developed training programs for Universities as qualified teacher for the CHA.

We still continue to participate in operations through management contracts and consulting, covering Catering Services, Traditional Hotel Operation as well as the All-Inclusive concept. This allows us to approach client needs with a better understanding of the concerns and challenges within the industry, and together with the client, work towards best  results.

Our professionals from the leading Hotels and hospitality institutions of the world; Peninsula Group, Hilton International, Princess Hotels, Wynham Hotels & Resorts, Southern Sun South Africa, Casa De Campo, Allegro Resorts, Casa Marina Hotel & Resorts, Coral Hotels & Resorts, Robinson Club , Air Marin, Air Catering Service Kai Tak Hong Kong,  just to name a few.

We even went one step further to avoid working with third party companies and merged together with Web Macon Corporation™ formed by Marcel Zakrzewicz in, who are specialized in Internet Marketing and programming.

With this potential of communication and connectivity in our hands, we can offer a wide range of extras to our clients such as; Web Site design & hosting, Online Marketing Support, and Corporate e-mail accounts.

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